Our Story

Welcome to Inky Dink Do where friendship, pickleball, and all things joyful collide to create something magical. It all started when Dawn & Jessica met on the pickleball court.  Balls were flying, laughs were echoing, and a legendary friendship was in the making.  One day they had an idea. "Let's turn our love for fun and adventure into something everyone can enjoy!" And just like that, Inky Dink Do was born.

Inky Dink Do is a celebration of good times and friendship.  Combine that with the functionality of clothing and accessories you can use on and off the court.  Think pickleball showdowns captured on tee’s, hats with funny sayings, and cool accessories that'll make you smile every time you use it.

We're not just selling stuff – we’re injecting a dose of joy and camaraderie into everything we create. Our goal? To make you feel like you are part of the crew – the crew that knows life's better when you're laughing, playing, and sharing the good times together.

So, as you scroll through our lineup, know that you're not just shopping. You're grabbing a slice of that adventure-loving, laugh-inducing, full-throttle spirit that Inky Dink Do lives by. Let's do this!